Moni Ayurveda Reetha Powder: Benefits, Best For Hair, How To Use?

Reetha is a versatile Ayurvedic herb, widely grown in tropical countries like India, China, and Nepal. It is used as a key component in various shampoos, cleansing agents, and hair care products. It contains potent antiallergic, antibacterial, and mildly antiseptic properties. The chemical components in reetha include saponins, genin, oleanolic acid, sopindic acid, sapindoside A & B which exhibit a host of health benefits. The Moni Ayurveda Reetha Powder provides you with an end number of benefits that are beneficial for your hair care and also helps in lowering cholesterol and treats respiratory problems.

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Reetha Powder Benefits

There are an end number of benefits of using The Moni Ayurveda Reetha Powder. It helps in promoting your skin health and the best part is it is suitable for all skin types. It has strong anti-venom property that is beneficial in removing the snake and scorpion venom from the victims. The Moni Ayurveda Reetha powder also works well as an effective natural cure for easing the symptoms of asthma due to its powerful emetic, astringent and anthelmintic properties. The powder has strong anti-inflammatory property that is valuable in alleviating joint and muscle pain and lessens edema and it is also effective in treating dental disorders.

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Reetha Powder – Best For Hair

The Moni Ayurveda Reetha Powder is loaded with iron which works well for the hair as Iron plays an important role in maintaining hair health. It also provides the necessary antioxidants to the hair to promote hair growth. Reetha Powder also helps to protect hair cells that will contribute to healthy hair cells and better growth. Reetha has a wonderful natural compound that nourishes the scalp and the essence of vitamins and saponins enhances the luster and shine of the mane, reduces the dryness making the hair look silky and voluminous plus it has antibacterial and antifungal properties of Reetha plant assist in treating scalp infections and ward off dandruff and lice.

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Reetha Powder – How To Use? (Separately)

The Moni Ayurveda Reetha Powder is very easy to consume for the betterment of health and to get an organic cure for some diseases. You should always use it in powder form only because it’s a very strong herb and needs to be consumed as mentioned. The ideal dosage to take the powder is 1 or 1½ spoons on an everyday basis.

Reetha Powder – (With Amla Powder, Shikakai Powder, Indigo Powder, Henna Powder & Bhringraj Powder)

The combination of each powder with reetha powder is best suited for healthy hair growth. All the powder contains antioxidants that are best suited for hair and health. Reetha is a prized medicinal plant, when blended with other natural ingredients serves as an excellent remedy for preventing hair fall and promotes hair growth. The Moni Ayurveda Reetha Powder is used along with products like Shikakai Powder, Bhringraj Powder, Indigo Powder, Henna Powder and Amla Powder is best known to strengthen the hair scalp and remarkably reduce hair fall.

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