Moni Ayurveda Raw Basil Seeds: Benefits, Uses, Best For Weight Loss, How To Use?

Basil Seeds are also known as Sabja Seeds or Tukmaria, the seeds that basically comes from Sweet Basil and Ocimum basilicum which Asian countries commonly use as seasonings. They are black in color and contains the source of minerals and nutrients that is very beneficial for weight loss and for other problems as well. Basil seeds can be consumed with warm water and with food items and beverages also. They contain no calories but are rich in fiber and proteins. They are the best alternative to not eat excess food or junk food and to keep you feel full at the same time.

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Basil Seeds Benefits

The Moni Ayurveda provides you with fascinating benefits that will be very helpful for your health care and nourishment. Moni Ayurveda Basil Seeds are a good source of minerals, they may help to improve your bone health and muscle functions. They may also help you to control sugar levels, cholesterol and you will never starve with hunger. The Moni Ayurveda Basil Seeds are rich in proteins, essential fats, carbs and are packed with fiber. The positive point of consuming Basil Seeds is they contain no calories. Asian countries used to drink these seeds with water or coconut milk to reduce body heating in summers. Basil Seeds are very helpful to naturally detox your body and regulate smooth bowel movements.

Basil Seeds Uses

There are various ways you can use Basil Seeds in your diet. They have a neutral taste so it is very easy to combine them with other foods items or beverages. The Moni Ayurveda Basil Seeds can be used in Milkshakes, Lemonades, Desserts, Soups, and Garnish for salads. Consuming Basil seeds are perfect for weight loss and to provide nutrients and nourishment to your body. Basil Seeds are also good for hair and skin.

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Basil Seeds – Best For Weight Loss

Basil Seeds are rich in alpha-linolenic acid and are popularly known for their weight loss benefits. As they are full of fiber and they will help you to keep yourself full for a long time, prevent unwanted cravings, and aid in weight loss. The basil seeds are a perfect mix for weight loss as they contain 11gm of proteins, 5gm of carbs and 2gm of fiber and they are also a good source of omega 3 and fatty acid 6 which means it contains anti-inflammatory properties.

How To Use Basil Seeds?

Basil Seeds are very hard and you cannot consume them raw. The best way to consume seeds is after soaking in water, which will make them more gelatinous. If you want to drink/consume basil seeds on a daily basis then you just need to soak around two teaspoons of seeds in water/warm water for around 15 min or overnight and then consume them. You can also use these seeds as a part of your various drinks or you can add them to salads also.

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