Organic Indigo Powder: Uses, Benefits, Best For Hair, How To Use?

Moni Ayurveda Indigo Powder is best known for natural dye and it can be easily used to replace your artificial dyes. We produce the Indigo Powder naturally from the leaves from the Indigo plant. The leaves are soaked overnight that changes the watercolor into blue. It is safe to use Organic Powder as it is directly derived from the plant and is so chemical-free. Indigo Powder has become very famous for turning people hair’s naturally and chemical-free black.

Indigo Powder Uses

Indigo powder itself has several benefits and uses which include: it treats grey hair, strengthens hair plus softer your hair. You can also add a pinch of salt to the paste to release the dye faster and better and if you want you can also add egg, honey to the paste. Indigo Powder is best for hair to make them heavier and stronger.

Indigo Powder Benefits

There are end number of benefits of using Ayurvedic Indigo Powder, It will help you to treat your premature greys and it is the most popular benefit as most people suffer from this problem. It also helps to lead to new hair growth as most of the people recovering from Covid are facing these side effects. It also helps to smoothen tangles and makes your hair thicker plus it will treat your dandruff and conditions your dry hair.

Best For Hair

More and more people are switching from chemical dyes to natural and chemical-free dyes to color their hair as it is more beneficial. Indigo powder doesn’t contain any PPD or additives of any kind. This powder causes no damage to hair or scalp and is safe to use in the long term. Plus there are no side effects of using this powder for hair but there are rare chances someone might experience any symptoms like headache or dizziness.

How To Use Indigo Powder?

There are 3 simple and easy steps to use/ apply Indigo Powder to your hair:

Step 1: The first step is to brush your hair and remove tangles or knots if there are any. Secondly, put on an old t-shirt/ top and also a pair of disposable glowers to cover your so it does not get stained.

Step 2: Now separate your hair into multiple sections and start applying the dye after that layer on the paste with a brush and massage it with your hands. After covering all the hair sections, use the leftover paste to massage your scalp which will help you to cover any remaining grey roots and nourish the scalp.

Step 3: Once your head is covered with the dye, cover your head with a shower cap or plastic to avoid oxidation of the hair dye. Now leave it for two to three hours and wash it off with plain water. Don’t use shampoo wait for 48 hours before using shampoo and conditioner.

With Amla Powder, Kala Katha, Shikakai Powder, Reetha Powder & Bhringraj Powder

Using Indigo Powder with all these powder adds more benefits and will give your hair more benefits. It will help to boost your hair growth and makes your hair more shiner and softer. You just need to add a little amount of the powders with Indigo powder and mix them properly. It will also help to reduce your hair breakage by improving hair elasticity and Reduces hair loss while improving overall hair health.