Moni Ayurveda Chia Seeds: Benefits, For Weight Loss, Uses, How To Use?

Chia Seeds also called Salba Chia or Mexican Chia, are the edible seeds of a flowering plant which is from the mint family. The Moni Ayurveda Chia Seeds are an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, and powerful antioxidants. They also provide you many essential nutrients including calcium, copper, iron, and many more. The best time to consume chia seeds is in the morning or any other time that suits you.

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Chia Seeds Benefits

Chia Seeds are rich in fiber and omega-3 plus it has high-quality protein and essential minerals, antioxidants that will help to improve your digestive health, controls your blood sugar level. There are also several benefits of using Chia Seeds in your daily life. Consuming Chia Seeds may reduce your risk of heart disease and they are very beneficial in weight loss. Moni Ayurveda Chia Seeds are very easy to incorporate into your diet as they can be eaten raw or soaked and they can even be added to baked items.

Chia Seeds – For Weight Loss

The Moni Ayurveda Chia Seeds may be very beneficial and helpful in your weight loss journey. The Chia Seeds help to keep you fuller longer which helps in preventing over-eating. In research, eating 30 grams of fiber daily may help you to lose weight and two tablespoons of Chia Seeds contain almost 10 grams of fiber and the best part is you can consume around 40 percent of chia seeds. Diets that are high fiber leads to weight loss. So consuming Chia Seeds may be good for weight loss plus they provide other benefits also.

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Chia Seeds Uses

The Moni Ayurveda Chia Seeds are small, flat, and oval in shape with a shiny and smooth texture. Their color ranges from white to brown or black. The seeds are highly versatile and rich in nutrients. They can be soaked or added to porridge and you can also make chia seeds into pudding. The best part is they can be used in baked goods or you can just simply sprinkled on top of salads or yogurt. The Moni Ayurveda Chia Seeds can also be used to thicken sauces or as an egg replacement as they can absorb liquid and form gel.

Chia Seeds – How To Use?

There are several simple ways/uses to add Moni Ayurveda Chia Seeds to your diet. You can use them as a snack as some people like the raw taste of them or you can add them into your beverages and food items. Add a spoon of Moni Ayurveda Chia Seeds to your morning smoothies and make them nutritious or you can also sprinkle Chia Seeds on the top of your salt and you can also add them to your normal flour. Chia Seeds can be used in many ways including making a Chia Seeds Pudding, you can even add Chia Seeds into trail mix, or the best way if you don’t want to add them in food items, is to soak Chia Seeds for 20-30 mins and drink it on its own.

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